Game Lodge ECOLOGY Manager - 4037

Baobab Hospitality Recruitments Date Job Posted: 11-Oct-2018

Location: Limpopo

​Game Lodge seeks ECOLOGY MANAGER to join team of professionals with previous field experience.  Must be able to do plant and animal surveys and research, including biodiversity assessments and prepare ecology progress reports.

Qualifications and job description:- Relevant BSc degree in ecology and/or wildlife management with a minimum of 5 years field experience. Previous employment on a wildlife reserve will be an added advantage. Ecologists registered with the South African Council of Natural Science Professions will have an added advantage.

Duties to be undertaken will include, but not limited to the following:

  • Conducting field surveys to collect information about the plants and animals on the reserve and to make recommendations about their conservation and management.
  • Doing plant community surveys and mapping, assessing range condition, doing animal population estimates and calculating the ecological capacity for the reserve for wild herbivores so as to be able to determine ecologically correct stocking densities.
  • Classifying all the major organisms that occur on the reserve and developing reference collections.
  • Applying sampling strategies and employing a range of habitat surveying and monitoring techniques, including using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), satellite imagery, aerial photography and other maps and records. This will be a critical area of performance.
  • Analyzing and interpreting data by using specialist software programs.
  • Carry out strategic research designed to improve wildlife management on the reserve.
  • Provide guidance with policy development on wildlife conservation strategy and acquisitions, habitat management, rehabilitation and monitoring and documenting the changes taking place.
  • Compiling reports and issuing ecological management recommendations to the Reserve Manager.
  • Doing appropriate and relevant ecological and wildlife management research in the interest of the reserve.
  • Motivating and presenting proposals for changes to the existing ecological and wildlife management programs and policies.
  • Liaise with wildlife management consultants through the Reserve Manager to enable viable and sustainable wildlife conservation and utilization based on sound veld management and wildlife management principles.
  • Prepare species specific management plans as required by the Reserve Manager and the South Africa Environmental laws.
  • Maintain a safe work environment.
  • Manage a team of about 15 staff members engaged in the day to day habitat and wildlife management functions on the reserve.
  • Efficiently conduct administrative duties relevant to the position.
  • Desired competencies/Skills:

  • Sound knowledge of issues associated with the conservation of wildlife and ecosystems in South Africa.
  • Excellent biological survey, monitoring and research skills.
    • Well developed knowledge of experimental design and sampling methods
    • A very high level of competence in wildlife surveys.
    • Proficiency in vegetation surveys.
    • Competence in collecting and managing data including modelling techniques
    • Competence in methods of statistical analysis commonly employed in ecology.
  • Demonstrated capacity to work as part of a team as well as managing small, results driven teams.
  • Good communication and writing skill including the ability to draft edit and complete reports in a timely manner.
  • Competence in a range of computer software packages including word processing, spreadsheets, analytical, graphing GIS and data software, this is a critical performance requirement.
  • Offered:

    • Industry Related Salary negotiable (Based upon experience and qualifications),
    • Provident Fund 13% of Basic,
    • Live-In Accommodation,
    • 50% Medical Aid contribution,

    Annual 13th Check after completion of 12 months employment payable in December


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