We are in search of an experienced Sous Chef for a trendy Restaurant on the West Coast

Broad Horizons Hospitality Solutions Date Job Posted: 11-Jan-2019

Location: Velddrif

We are in search of an experienced Sous Chef for a trendy Restaurant on the West Coast.

About the restaurant: The restaurant includes an indoor dining area where old-world elegance meets beach-side charm as well as outdoor seating on our veranda by the waters edge for a more relaxed dining experience. The menu is seasonal and has fresh contemporary dishes with global influences. Flavours are big and natural, focusing on the essence of the main ingredient. We have a small kitchen garden and pride ourselves on preparing fresh produce.


Service and Kitchen Management

  • Run and supervise the entire kitchen operation in the absence of the Exec Chef
  • Work with the Exec chef to ensure standards and goals are met
  • Ensure all menus and standard of food is excellent at all times
  • Support and train new chefs on certain recipes if necessary
  • Continuous monitoring and control of dishes going out
  • Make personal contact with guests daily
  • Continuous encouragement and training of staff to provide the best food experience to guests
  • Be flexible when receiving unexpected request from guests and ensure you are able to accommodate unusual dietary requirements
  • Oversee Kitchen Hygiene and enforce where training needed



  • Continuous training and motivation of all kitchen staff including on the job training
  • Ensure all staff understand their responsibilities
  • Work closely with Executive Chef and General Manager to implement standards, and staff policies



  • Formal Chef Qualification
  • At least 5+ years Chef Experience required in 5 star hotels or lodges
  • International exposure is a plus



  • Spoken and written English
  • Computer literate
  • Passion for food and the food experience
  • Ability to lead a team of people effectively
  • Strong management skills, day-to-day, and long term
  • The ability to motivate staff to consistently deliver
  • Ability to think and act creatively within a team
  • Good knowledge of hospitality operations including butler service
  • Ability to work flexibly



  • Patience
  • Attention to detail
  • Passion for training staff, creating fabulous food, and new ideas
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Sense of urgency
  • Passionate about guest delight
  • Diligence and self-motivation to meet deadlines and keep on top of your job
  • Willingness/ability to share information and teach and inspire others
  • Ability to adapt and have a sensitivity to the culture of the staff


The successful candidate should have an enquiring mind, be methodical, pay attention to detail, be creative, show perseverance and patience, ability to work under pressure, have high energy levels, be flexible, have the ability to overcome obstacles and persist with the task at hand, be decisive and adaptable. If you have the knowledge, skills and required experience, and this sounds like a challenge you are ready for, I would love to hear from you.

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We are in search of an experienced Sous Chef for a trendy Restaurant on the West Coast
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