Assistant F&B Manager

Date Job Posted: 08-Jan-2022

Location: Paulpietersburg

Position: Assistant F&B Manager

Closing Date: 25 January 2022

Job Description

Assistant F&B Managers are the dining room supervisors for dining establishments. Their job is to provide great customer service while performing their regular management duties. One must be a great multi-tasker and quick decision maker to succeed in this position. You can expect to work evenings, weekends, and holidays.

This position is seen in a supervisory capacity; their responsibilities include helping the host/hostess assign waitstaff tables, talking to patrons to ensure they have a good experience, and performing opening and closing duties.  Issues of stock, stock taking and serving guests at all food and beverage outlets, form part of this job description

Duties and Responsibilities

•             Execute opening and closing procedures

Apply standard opening and closing procedures for all food and beverages outlets

•             Inspect table settings

Control table settings in order to ensure a correct table setup, including cutlery and glassware.

•             Assist clients with special needs

Aid clients with special needs following relevant guidelines and special standards. Recognise their needs and accurately respond to them if needed.

•             Maximise sales revenues

Increase possible sales volumes and avoid losses through cross-selling, upselling or promotion of additional services.

•             Greet guests

Welcome guests in a friendly manner in a certain place.

•             Handle customer complaints

Administer complaints and negative feedback from customers in order to address concerns and where applicable provide a quick service recovery.

•             Monitor customer service

Ensure all employees are providing excellent customer service in accordance to company policy.

•             Monitor work for special events

Oversee activities during special events taking into account specific objectives, schedule, timetable, agenda, cultural limitations, account rules and legislation.

•             Check dining room/bar cleanliness

Control dining areas including their floor and wall surfaces, tables and serving stations and ensure appropriate cleanliness.

•             Ensure tableware is ready for use

Guarantee that plates, cutlery and glassware are clean, polished and in good condition.

•             Control of expenses

Monitoring and maintaining effective cost controls, in regards to efficiencies, waste, overtime and staffing. Assessing excesses and strives for efficiency and productivity.

•             Supervise food quality

Oversee the quality and safety of food served to guests according to food standards.

•             Manage health and safety standards

Oversee all personnel and processes to comply with health, safety and hygiene standards. Communicate and support alignment of these requirements with the company's health and safety programmes.

•             Attend to detail regarding food and beverages

Perform great attention to all steps in the creation and the presentation of a qualitative product.

•             Manage restaurant/bar service

Oversee the entire process of running the restaurant/bar establishments such as managing employees and the mise-en-place.

•             Supervise the work of staff on different shifts

Oversee the activities of the employees working in shifts in order to ensure continuous operations.

•             Maintain customer service

Keep the highest possible customer service and make sure that the customer service is at all times performed in a professional way. Help guests or participants feel at ease and support special requirements.

•             Maintain relationship with guests

Build a lasting and meaningful relationship with guests in order to ensure satisfaction and fidelity by providing accurate and friendly advice and support, by delivering quality products and services and by supplying after-sales information and service.

•             Coach employees

Maintain and improve employees' performance by coaching individuals or groups how to optimise specific methods, skills or abilities, using adapted coaching styles and methods.

•             Monitor billing procedures

Oversee that the billing procedure after a service is handled correctly.

•             Advise guests on menus for special events

Offer recommendations to guests on meal and drink items available for special events or parties in a professional and friendly manner.

•             Train employees

Lead and guide employees through a process in which they are taught the necessary skills for the perspective job. Organise activities aimed at introducing the work and systems or improving the performance of individuals and groups in organisational settings.

•             Identify Guests’ needs

Use appropriate questions and active listening in order to identify customer expectations, desires and requirements according to product and services.

•             Measure Guests’ feedback

Evaluate customer's comments in order to find out whether customers feel satisfied or dissatisfied with the product or service.

Desired Experience & Qualifications

•             Restaurant supervision experience

•             Grade 12 with good interpersonal and communication skills

•             3 - 5 years in waitressing experience

•             The ability to work accurately, under pressure.

•             Computer Literate on Pluspoint

Salary, highly negotiable up to R7000 per month (depending on experience and adhering to additional company policies)

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Assistant F&B Manager
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